Dear 2020,

As I sit back and reflect on the worst year of our lives, I have a hard time believing that. Now, yes there was a pandemic, there were riots, crazy politics, and trying to teach from home... many people lost loved ones and for them I truly believe this was the worst year. But, I’m …

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Then There Were 4

The ride home from the hospital I felt my emotions begin to swell. The collision of hormones and anxiety were bursting at the seams. Bryan looked back at me from the rear view mirror and said in through your nose out through your mouth, just like when you delivered. I was so ready to go …

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Anxiety for my Littles

I have self diagnosed anxiety. Yes I said self diagnosed. It’s pretty obvious to me, and anyone that knows me well that I’m an anxious person. Though in our current culture... everyone has “anxiety” I’m not really sure how to classify my anxiety. Though I can tell you it’s centered around relationships. I’m constantly waiting …

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So I’m Having a Boy

Moms have you ever noticed the girl/boy mom shirts everywhere? Have you noticed that it’s like a special club to just be a boy mom or a girl mom? Now don’t get me wrong I know those people are also being hounded with the question, “so are you gonna keep trying for a (fill in …

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Purge the Records

Did you read that last part, the part in bold? "No record of wrongs." Sitting in chapel today this verse hit me hard. Have you ever read something a thousand times, but at 1001 you see something new? Maybe just by changing the version slightly to compare the word usage and you are just left in this wow kind of a moment? That was me today.

Wake Up

Is the Church dying? That's such an odd question to say out loud. But, I think it is something that needs to be asked, that we need to evaluate. As Christians we need to be evangelizing, we need to be practicing apologetics, and we need to be bold. Are we though? Are we giving our …

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Give Me All the Validation

Validation: "the recognition or affirmation that a person or their feelings or opinions are valid or worthwhile." Have you ever needed that validation? I feel like many people would say no. But what about that bathroom selfie you posted recently. You know the one, the one were you constantly watched for the likes to stroll …

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